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Planning Your Beverage Order for a Wedding

If you are planning a wedding for yourself or someone you are close to, one of things you want to get right is the wine order. Wine helps to lubricate the social situation and can be a great way to loosen the awkwardness of two sides of the family--who may not know each other--coming together for one night. Take a look at some of the drinking options for your wedding.

Sparkling wine for the toasts

If you are planning on having toasts you'll need to have some sparkling wine. While you may have some people who keep the same glass of sparkling for all the toasts, others might stay on the bubbles all night. It's generally better to over plan and allow for everyone to have a few glasses rather than running out mid toast. 

Red and white wine

Most of the guests are likely to be drinking wine with their meals and throughout the night. Get an even mix of red and white wines, but if you are mainly serving lighter dishes, aim for a higher proportion of white wine, and if you are only serving heavier dishes then opt for a slightly higher proportion of red wines. 


Proceed with caution if you are buying spirits but don't have an allocated bar staff. People can often get very drunk very quickly on spirits, and this can be an issues for the bride and groom who might not want guests heading off to the hospital with alcohol poisoning. Premixed drinks, often known as UDLs, can be a great compromise in this case. You can often purchase these through a wine supplier or liquor store, and they can be very effective in helping people monitor drink consumption. 

Non alcoholic wines or beverages

Not everyone in the room will want to, or be legally allowed to, drink alcohol. It's a good idea to have a range of nice non-alcoholic drink options, including options such as sparkling apple cider so that everyone can participate in the toasting. It's also a good idea to have some soda water and fruit juices as well as soft drinks to give people a range of options that aren't alcoholic. 

If you are putting in a large order for a wedding, it's a good idea to contact a wine supplier who can help to organise the best possible deal. In many cases they can make suggestions based on past weddings they have catered to help ensure you have the right number and mix of drinks.