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Three Considerations before Buying an Undersink Water Filter System

The cost of buying bottled water for long-term residential usage can be high. Therefore, you should consider installing a filtration system to purify your faucet water instead. This type of appliance will remove harmful contaminants from your normal supply and improve aesthetic aspects such as clarity and taste. The system is an economical choice since you will only need to make the initial investment to enjoy the benefits. There are numerous types of water filters in the market, but the undersink design provides the most benefits. It is concealed beneath the sink, and it will filter the water before it flows out the faucet. Here are crucial aspects that you must think about before acquiring the undersink filtration system.

Water Testing

You should know the common contaminants in your water supply before buying an undersink water filter. This will help you determine the exact elements and pollutants that you need to eliminate. You can request a water quality report from your local utility provider. This is an analysis that details the chemical and physical properties of the water supply from the source. Alternatively, you should collect water samples and send them to a lab for testing. This is the more favourable method because water can become contaminated with other things between the reservoir and your home.

The information provided will help you identify a filtration system that will target your specific contaminants. Simple activated carbon will eliminate chlorine and other common tastes and odours. More advanced alternatives will remove materials like lead, mercury, asbestos and VOCs. Ceramic filters are more effective in dealing with solid pollutants but not chemical ones. If you have hard water, an undersink filter with ion exchange technology is the best fit to prevent scaling.

Sink Clearance

The undersink filter will be installed under the sink, so it is important to ensure that there is sufficient space for installation. Ideally, you should measure the dimensions before starting the shopping process to eliminate unsuitable choices early. If the space is too limited, consider renovating the kitchen. You can create more space by repositioning the dishwasher or garbage disposal, or you can reconfigure the entire room.

Maintenance Demands

Finally, consider the potential maintenance requirements for the preferred undersink filtration appliances. The main servicing task in modern filters is the replacement of cartridges and filters. The exact requirements will depend on the filtration system model. Therefore, check on the manufacturer's recommendations on installing new filters and the attached costs. This is a long-term investment, so you should be certain that you can handle these expenses.