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A Slice Of The Action: Fun Ideas For Serving Pizza At Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding should be the happiest day of your life, reception included, and you might not be too enthused by the standard wedding reception fare of cold buffets and various poorly identified meats. If you have more of an Italian or Italian-American bent to your cuisine choices or simply want to serve something a little more casual and crowd-pleasing at your wedding reception, pizza can be one of the most versatile and unusual choices out there. Pizza can be served in a variety of ways and styles and can be adapted to suit almost any style of wedding reception, so keep the following possibilities in mind when planning out your post-ceremony shindig:

Pizza buffets

An excellent way to make sure all your guests get fed without splurging on table service costs, a varied spread of pizzas can make for a delicious and inviting reception buffet. To spice things up, considering including some unusual or gourmet pizzas (such as seafood or pan-Asian toppings) alongside more traditional thin and deep pan pies. 

Various pizza restaurants will be more than happy to arrange this type of reception for you, but if you already have a distinct location in mind for your reception, you can also hire travelling catering companies to serve your pizza. For a little added flair, choose a restaurant or catering company that uses brick pizza ovens. These specialised ovens make distinctive and delicious stone-baked pizzas in a matter of minutes and are visible to your guests, with the flames and heat of the traditional oven providing a striking backdrop for your party.

Tiny bites

If your reception is less about the food and more about drinking and dancing, pizza can still come to the rescue as an excellent light bite and 'stomach liner'. Consider serving miniature pizzas or pizza slices as tapas at a cocktail bar reception, or serve them in the early hours of the morning when your remaining revellers are starting to flag. These smaller morsels are also ideal for sending home with your guests as reception gifts — after all, who doesn't love cold pizza the morning after a night of drunken revelry?

Appetizers for kids

Even if you don't opt for pizza as the main food at your wedding reception, it can still be extremely useful for keeping any children who attend happy (and more importantly, quiet). Seating kids at their own dedicated table(s) and serving them pizzas instead of more elaboate reception fare will keep them happy while giving them something to eat that they're all familiar with. More importantly, it'll keep them well out of the bride and groom's hair while they celebrate their special day