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4 Tips for Reducing the Cost of Catering

If you are planning an event such as a wedding, a birthday celebration or a retirement party, you will know that it can be an expensive affair. If you plan on having lots of guests and lots of food, it can quickly add up. If you want to make your celebration more affordable, you should look at ways of cutting down your catering expenses. Below is a handy guide which will help you to reduce the cost of your catering.

Stay local

One of the easiest ways to reduce the cost of catering is to use a local food service company. As well as being able to offer high-quality, local produce, a local event catering company could also have lower transport cost. If you use a non-local caterer, it is likely they will add an additional charge onto your final bill to cover the transport and logistics generated by working in your location.

Limit the number of entrées

You can easily reduce the cost of a meal by cutting the number of entrées on offer. While it is nice to have a range of entrées on offer, they are not vital. Many guests will only be concerned with the main course and will only pick at the entrées. You should consider choosing one simple entrée.

Watch the numbers

The number of people you invite can have a significant impact on how much you have to spend. When planning a celebration, it can be tempting to ask everyone you know to attend. Remember, the more people you invite, the more food you will need to serve, and the cost of the food is often the largest part of any food service bill.

You should carefully work out how much of your budget you can spend on food and then divide this amount by the number of guests you have invited. Doing so will give you a precise amount you can pay per-head. If you cannot afford your desired menu, you should reduce the numbers of people you plan to invite to increase the sum of money you can spend per serving of food.

Consider a buffet

If you do not want to limit the number of people invited to the event, you should consider asking a food service to provide a buffet rather than a table service meal. Because buffets do not require the same number of waiter and waitresses or an onsite chef, they are a much cheaper option.

If you would like further help and advice, you should contact a food service company today.