How to Throw a Party for Your ASD Child

Any kind of social gathering is one of the greatest causes of stress for children on the autistic spectrum; after all, these kids crave predictability and routine, and any change to a routine can cause anxiety in the life of the child as well as the caregiver. A birthday party is particularly stressful, with popping balloons, screaming children, unusual foods etc. If you have an ASD child and would love to throw a birthday party but have put off doing so due to fear of how it will affect your child, read on for some ideas on how to throw a party that will be fun yet not too overwhelming. [Read More]

Mark your grandmother's 90th birthday with a personal chocolate bouquet

When your grandmother turns 90, she will have reached a significant milestone. It is also likely that she will have everything she needs, but it is still good to mark her birthday with a gift from the heart. Specialised food is a good option for a gift for an older person. Everyone likes variety, but an older person like your grandmother may not want to eat large portions.  You could spoil her with a personal chocolate bouquet make from chocolate cake pops. [Read More]

Steamy Delights | 4 Dumpling-Like Dishes You Should Learn To Identify When You Order At A Chinese Restaurant

Ever gone to a Chinese restaurant with the intention of ordering dumplings, only to find that there are more choices and names than you can imagine? You're not the only one! An Asian restaurant typically has exotic names that you haven't heard of before, so this guide aims to help you identify and get familiar with other names for some dumpling-like dishes. Siomai Dumplings Siomai is a type of steamed dumpling with an open casing. [Read More]

Planning Your Beverage Order for a Wedding

If you are planning a wedding for yourself or someone you are close to, one of things you want to get right is the wine order. Wine helps to lubricate the social situation and can be a great way to loosen the awkwardness of two sides of the family--who may not know each other--coming together for one night. Take a look at some of the drinking options for your wedding. [Read More]