Steamy Delights | 4 Dumpling-Like Dishes You Should Learn To Identify When You Order At A Chinese Restaurant

Ever gone to a Chinese restaurant with the intention of ordering dumplings, only to find that there are more choices and names than you can imagine? You're not the only one! An Asian restaurant typically has exotic names that you haven't heard of before, so this guide aims to help you identify and get familiar with other names for some dumpling-like dishes. Siomai Dumplings Siomai is a type of steamed dumpling with an open casing.

Planning Your Beverage Order for a Wedding

If you are planning a wedding for yourself or someone you are close to, one of things you want to get right is the wine order. Wine helps to lubricate the social situation and can be a great way to loosen the awkwardness of two sides of the family--who may not know each other--coming together for one night. Take a look at some of the drinking options for your wedding.

Three Considerations before Buying an Undersink Water Filter System

The cost of buying bottled water for long-term residential usage can be high. Therefore, you should consider installing a filtration system to purify your faucet water instead. This type of appliance will remove harmful contaminants from your normal supply and improve aesthetic aspects such as clarity and taste. The system is an economical choice since you will only need to make the initial investment to enjoy the benefits. There are numerous types of water filters in the market, but the undersink design provides the most benefits.

How to Enjoy Your Restaurant Experience without Breaking Your Healthy Habits

Cooking at home every night can be quite a drag, especially if you ate out regularly in the past. Some people find eating out difficult because they are afraid of succumbing to temptation and breaking the healthy food diet they're on. However, it is possible to both eat out and stay true to your commitment to healthy eating. Simply follow the tips below, and get ready to enjoy your eating excursions without the after-guilt.